3 Ways to Navigate Challenging Life Transitions

Life transitions can feel stressful, and are not always fun. Life transitions can include losing a job, loosing a loved one, or ending a marriage. During difficult life transitions, one can feel overwhelmed. Here are some ways you can navigate the ups and downs life throws at us:

Take a moment to breathe

-This might sound simple, but taking slow deep breaths is a powerful way to tell your body things are okay. Making time to be still and breathe can slow down an elevated heart rate and can assist in making you feel calm.

Embrace uncertainty

-When we embrace the unknown, we set ourselves up to experience positive emotions. It sounds counterintuitive but when we surrender control we allow for possibilities.

Acknowledge the cycle of life

-Life like the weather has seasons and while you may feel stuck now it's important to take stock and remember transitions are a part of life and move us from one point in life to the next.

Life as they say can be full of curve balls but this is natural. If you would like additional support to help navigate these challenges please get in touch with me.

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