5 Helpful Interview Tips for Introverts

Having an important interview is nerve-wrecking for just about everyone. When you’re an introvert, interviews can feel almost unbearable. If you are an introvert and you have an important interview coming up, follow these tips to feel calm and in control.

1. See it as an opportunity

An introvert’s first reaction to the prospect of an interview is usually dread and this can set a bad tone for the actual event. See the interview as an opportunity to advance your career or positively change your life in some way. Feeling anything right off the bat besides positivity is just setting you up for experiencing anxiety.

2. Be prepared

The more you know what to expect, the calmer you will feel showing up to the meeting. It’s fine for you to ask some details about what you can expect. Will you be meeting with one person or more? What will be discussed? Remember to not obsess over the information but try to get a sense of what you will experience. This can help you visualize the event ahead of time and get comfortable with the idea.

3. Do some research

Once you find out who will be interviewing you, spend a little time looking up their background. Knowing a little bit about the person or people will also illustrate your interest in the position and help you be comfortable in conversation.

4. Recognize nerves are natural

On the day, do not scold yourself for being nervous. It is completely natural for everyone to be nervous. Accept that nerves simply mean you want to do a good job and then stop thinking about them.

5. Breathe

By breathing slowly and deeply you are sending a signal to your brain that there is no danger in your environment . Your brain then tells the rest of your body to cool it. Fight or flight hormones stop, heart rate slows, and you feel calm. So that morning getting ready and while you are waiting, think of little else than keeping your breathing slow, deep, and steady.

Being an introvert does not have to be a curse. If you follow these tips, you will set yourself up for success. If you would like to explore additional ways to manage anxiety please reach out I would be happy to help.

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