Mental Health Care for the Career Woman

When you think about it, modern women are really like superheroes. Not only are they obtaining college degrees and climbing corporate ladders, they're doing so while also raising families. While some women are able to manage juggling all of these big responsibilities, many women, over time, will experience burnout and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Protecting your health is important for all women, no matter your career choice. From professional athletes to CEOs and every career woman in between, it is vitally important to prioritize your mental health. The following are some ways professional women can protect their mental health from the burdens of career and family life:

  • Accept and Expect Imperfections

No matter how hard you try, you'll never get everything perfect 100% of the time, and that's okay. Recognize your humanity and give yourself a break.

  • Find Support

As you continue to try and be there for everyone else, it's important that you find people and things to lean on. This can mean family, friends, your faith, or a personal exercise routine.

  • Make Time for Yourself

It's important to step back from the daily grind every once in a while to just rest and relax. The more you take the time to recharge your battery, the more able you'll be to juggle the responsibilities of your life.

  • Talk with Someone

Sometimes it's easier to speak with someone outside of your social or family network. Talking with a therapist can help you gain perspective on your life and your abilities. A therapist can also give you strategies to navigate the stressful situations in your life.

If you'd like to speak with someone and explore treatment options, please get in touch with me I would be happy to discuss how I can help.

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