The Benefits of Online Therapy

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in countless ways, but has also taught many of us how resilient we are. The COVID-19 crisis has also brought to the forefront the benefits of technology. Online Therapy also known as Telehealth is not new; however, there seems to be a new awareness and embracing of this treatment tool. Even when life gets back to normal, Telehealth will most likely be around for the long haul as it provides benefits to not only clients but to providers as well. Here are some benefits of online therapy:

Better Access to Care

As many people are working from home or relocating outside of their normal areas, being able to see a qualified mental health therapist in or around your area makes care more accessible to all who need it and are no longer restricted by geography.


Mental health advocacy has made some strides in the past few years; however, there is still a stigma attached to mental health care which prevents many from seeking the help they need. Online therapy allows an individual to receive help from the comfort of their home or any place of their choosing without anyone knowing.


Being able to have the flexibility to schedule a session on a lunch break, while a child is napping, or in between work meetings can benefit both providers and clients. Clients will be able to avoid traffic jams, taking time off from work, and potentially running late resulting in shorter session times and providers can avoid client cancellations and no show appointments.


Online therapy allows people to receive the help they need, regardless of any unsafe conditions whether it be bad weather or a global health crisis. Clients will be able to receive care in the safety of their home.

I offer online therapy to clients for all of the above reasons. If you’d like to explore this style of treatment, please get in touch with me.

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