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Helping stressed out high achievers slow down and stop running on empty

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I'm Marian and I can help.

I work with busy professionals like you to identify unhelpful patterns and redirect biased self-talk so that you can go back to living life.

I will help you build skills to break down unrealistic expectations and assist you in learning to live life on your own terms without guilt. I am passionate about helping my clients overcome challenges and embrace their resilient selves.


You Deserve to Give Yourself What You Need

I help stressed out high achievers silence their inner critic. Despite being highly motivated, smart, driven, and hardworking my clients struggle as you do and often find themselves feeling chronically unhappy and emotionally drained. They feel pulled too much in every direction and are under constant pressure to achieve more, be more, and prove themselves. 

If you struggle with self-criticism, busyness, procrastination, and people pleasing you deserve to put yourself first. Let's work together to assist you in getting unstuck and finding the courage to embrace being imperfect.




Whether it's over something big or small, anxiety can stop you from living life on your terms. Learn how to uncover the underlying causes of your angst.

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Learn how to break unhelpful patterns and quiet the excessive worrier

within you.



It might look like you "have it all," but you find yourself getting lost in the "shoulds" of the past and the "what-ifs" of the future. Learn how to challenge, reframe, and replace unhelpful thought patterns.

You Deserve to Give Yourself What You Need

Therapy is designed to be a supportive and non-judgmental space to bring in your goals, frustrations, hopes, and whatever else is on your mind. 


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