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Meet Marian Cooper

Hi! I'm Marian. Besides being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Art Therapist, I am also a lover of to-do lists and often have several going at one time.


I help high achievers  let go of unrealistic expectations, live in the moment, and stop chasing perfection.

I hold a Masters of Social Work Degree from New York University and a Masters of Arts Degree in Creative Arts Therapy Counseling from Hofstra University.


 I offer solution focused individual therapy integrated with expressive arts to help busy professionals, learn to live life on their own terms without guilt. I am excited to assist my clients in learning effective strategies for muting their inner critic and creating change.


I am licensed to see clients who live in New York (License # 084473) California (License # 110949) and Texas (License # 104193).


 I believe there is no magic button or quick-fix solution when it comes to making a change and I'm excited to assist you in overcoming unhelpful patterns, live in the moment, and stop chasing perfection. 

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Watch the video below to hear me share my own views on therapy with me.

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