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Therapy for Perfectionism in Houston

Hi, I'm Marian, and I'm a therapist for overwhelm, anxiety, and perfectionism in Houston. Perfectionism drives you to achieve more, be more, and do more. You can't stop. Not pursuing perfection does not feel like an option and you feel paralyzed. I understand, and I'm here to help.

I help hardworking professionals like you embrace being imperfect and learn to reach your goals with less stress.

If you're ready to stop paying the price of perfectionism, schedule a complementary consultation call with me today.


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My Approach to Perfectionism Therapy
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Are you paying the price of perfectionism?

  • Do you set exceptionally high standards for yourself?

  • Are you goal driven?

  • Are you sensitive to criticism and try to avoid it?

  • Are you always busy?

  • Do you dwell on mistakes and imperfections?

  • Are you afraid to fail?

  • Do you overthink things?

  • Are you stressed?

If you answered yes to many of these questions you guessed it you're a perfectionist. Perfectionism can be defined as a drive to achieve more, be more, and prove ourselves. Perfectionists are driven and tend to be high achievers and because of this, perfectionism often occurs in our relationships, our workplaces, and within ourselves.

Just like you, my clients come to therapy because they are stressed, suffering internally, are fearful of failing, and have noticed a decline in their self-worth due to changes in their achievements. I can assist you in breaking the cycle of perfectionism and finding your middle ground.


In sessions, we will explore what perfectionism is, explore how perfectionism shows up for you, and work on changing perfectionistic behaviors. Overcoming perfectionism is a process and we will work together to identify your critical voice, decrease self-criticism, and lessen your urges to please others. You will learn that being imperfect is normal and acceptable.


My approach to therapy incorporates my sense of humor, is supportive, directive, personalized, and collaborative. I understand that my clients are motivated by results and I used a goals-based approach to help us keep track of progress.

Changing behaviors and thought patterns is a process. Together we will tap into self-compassion, set realistic expectations, and increase opportunities for self-care.


If you struggle with not feeling good enough, and you want to break out of unhealthy comparisons that hold you back, let's work together to let go of self-criticism and find balance. Embracing the freedom to be imperfect allows you to be your authentic self. Together, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and personal growth.

Perfectionism Treatment FAQs

Get help from a Therapist for Perfectionism in Houston!

Breaking down your inner critic requires self compassion. Please  get in touch with me so we can work together to reframe and update your voice. Please schedule a free phone consultation to learn more.

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