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What's Happening at our Office...

Ready to be more present, and stop feeling so overwhelmed and stressed by everything that has to get done?

Mastering Perfectionism: Unleash Your Authentic Self Course 


In this 8-week-program, you'll get the tools to feel like you get it all done (even without doing it all) so you can have more enjoyment and success.

What if instead...

  • Stop procrastinating on the things that will truly make a difference?

  • Give yourself permission to do less-while accomplishing more?

  • Have more fun and enjoyment in your life?

Course Highlights:

- When: Starting August 2024

- Duration: 8 weeks

- Format: Recorded online education with downloadable resources and exercises as well as live facilitated group discussions weekly (1 hour on Zoom) with art therapy exercises.


In this course, you'll embrace your creativity through art making to gain a deeper understanding of the perfectionism mindset, identify common misconceptions around perfectionism, access your own perfectionistic qualities, and learn strategies to overcome your perfectionistic thinking. Participants will receive practical tools and support as well as a personalized action plan for long-term success. 


Space for this course is limited, get on the waitlist now to be the first to know when the course opens up. Ready to end overwhelm, stress, and criticism? Don't miss the opportunity to embrace imperfection and find greater peace within yourself.

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